If you like to enjoy your music everywhere and at any time, Energy Sistem makes things easier: this week we start a draw of 3 Energy MP4 Urban 4GB 2504 Pink Glam players. It’s a compact and light device that despite its small size offers you an incredible quality sound. Besides, it includes in-ear earphones with neodymium magnet, FM radio, microphone and a zipper box with and internal pockets in order to take your music everywhere. Its smart design and its multi-functions turn it into a pleasure that you can’t resist.

 If you want to get one, click here.

Moreover, if that was not enough, we have more good news: here we have the winner of the draw that will enjoy an incredible Energy Mobile DVD D9 Wireless Game!


Congratulations! We hope you will enjoy this Energy Sistem portable DVD player with more than 80 games (sport, adventure, strategy, music, puzzle, races) and a wireless kinetic remote control with motion sensor that will offer a real game experience.


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