One more time Energy has surpassed itself by bringing the web series to the big screen. During this month, the firm has participated in the premier of several films such as the short Starting from Zero, filmed in Alicante, as large Hollywood productions as Looper, starring Bruce Willis and Breaking Down (Part II) of Twilight .

Looper: one of the films of the year

Do you love futuristic stories where nothing is what it seems? So, you cannot miss Looper, a thriller set in the year 2074 where time travels are quite common and are used by the mafias to send its adversaries 30 years ago, disappearing without trace. Energy Sistem didn’t want to miss this opportunity to participate in the film premiere by drawing some players: Energy Mobile DVD 270 Traveller in important sites such as Cinemania, DT,, He Star, yacom entrebits…

Breaking Down (Part II): Twilight saga ends

Energy Sistem attends to last episode of the Twilight saga, created by Stephanie Meyer, starring Bella and Edward the 16th November in Spain where Energy Sistem has collaborated with Aurum Productions, drawing some Energy Urban MP3 players among all assistants to Abaco cinemas, in order to enjoy this amazing production.

Starting from Zero arrives to Spain

After the great performance at the London Spanish Film Festival, Starting from Zero arrives to Spain with the undisputable protagonists: Energy DJ 700 Porta Edition.

The short was filmed in English where international actors have a leading role, it is a film production held in Alicante and emerged thanks to the joint work done by Energy Sistem, the communication agency Casanova and the director Gregorio Arroyo.

One more time, the Tech firm Energy Sistem develops content marketing to attract spectators with the creation of relevant content in a society, changing trends in the advertising industry in order to capture the audience.

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