Joining the Club Energy will offer you lots of advantages. Now, besides getting energies by registering your products, following us on Facebook, participing in draws and inviting your friends, signing in our Youtube channel has a reward! How? Just have a look! It’s very simple! Get in your Club Energy profile, edit your details, write down your alias used in Youtube, enter your password and save changes. After following these steps, you will have 100 energies extra in your Energy account and you will get some discounts in your future purchases. Enjoy all advantages offered by the Club Energy and get more energies. If it is not clear enough, here we explain step by step how to do it:

Firstly, get in the Club Energy panel, “My Details” section and write your Youtube alias in the selected file of the form and click on “Save changes”.

If the alias is correct, you will see that in the “balance and points exchanged” section has been added 100 Energies in your Club Energy account!

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