Many vehicles do not have a CD / MP3 player nor an auxiliary input in the radio of the car to listen to the music stored in another device. For those cases, the technology called FM Transmitter allows you to create a mini radio station in your car, enjoying your music without replacing your car audio equipment. This is how it works:

An FM Transmitter is a device equipped with an internal aerial that transfers information through electromagnetic waves that can be received and interpreted by another device. In other words, this product allows you to send your music as in a mini radio station. You just have to follow some easy steps to enjoy the music you have stored in your external device (MP3/4/5, tablet, telephone, etc.), using the radio of your car.

1. Connect your audio device -for example a memory stick or a memory card to the FM Transmitter- to the line input.

2. Chose a free radio station in your car.

3. Chose the same frequency in the FM Transmitter as in the radio station.

4. The FM transmitter will send the audio signal to the aerial of your car.

5. The radio of your car will tune the audio signal and this one will play through the speakers of your car.

This type of device is equipped with different functions that make you to enjoy the music according to your preferences, for instance, setting up different ways of tuning and equalizing mode. Besides, it has a remote control that allows you to control all functions in an easy, quick and safety way.

In short, for a little bit more than 10 € you can listen high fidelity music through your car stereo system without worrying about the annoying cables and the problems of connection incompatibility. Who would have predicted that an invention of the XIX century, still today, 100 years later, is still used to enjoy the music in the car with systems that do not incorporate the latest technology?

By José Serrano Verdejo (Product Manager)


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