Point of sale is one of the most important expressions in Energy Sistem’s universe. For a company where the client is the most important part, it is essential to offer a satisfying and different purchasing experience that will allow transferring all different values and assets that Energy Sistem includes as a brand.

Nowadays, we are involved in an ambitious Retailing project that will be translated into different spaces where we will be able to create perfect environments for providing the user an immersion into Energy Sistem universe.

First steps were already done thanks to our international partners, as our Dominican Republic distributor that has opened our first Energy Sistem Store in the most important shopping centre of Santo Domingo. It has been a complete success, as a proof of this, he is thinking of expanding the project by opening several stores in different cities of the country.

For these reasons, we can state that Energy Sistem is a different brand that creates an immediate and positive answer to eager consumers willing to enjoy own Energy Sistem technology.

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