In Grupo Energy, we work hard to offer you most advanced technology and most effective solutions for you and your business. Some months ago, Energy Sistem went one step further in e-commerce, providing you a range of web automation tools with the objective of simplifying the incorporation of our products in your online store .

If you already work with Prestashop or Magento, you can download this file on a quick and simple way from your own Grupo Energy account, including our Energy Sistem and Soyntec product catalogue in your online store. If you do not have one of these e-platforms yet, don’t worry, you can also use a generic file, importing our products in order to set up your sale.

Moreover, with the objective of simplifying and sending you best corporate identity application, we have prepare a complete and practical user guide, where you can find all right and wrong applications of logos, products and banners of different campaigns.

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