Energy Sistem changes loudspeakers concept with a new series: Energy MP3 Sound System, sound system family able to play all kind of MP3 files through USB HOST and SD cards up to 32GB.

Thanks to its wood finish and magnetic protection, new Energy MP3 Sound System offers high sound quality. They include an astonishing deep bass, avoiding interferences when it’s close to other devices.

The youngest in the family has been named Energy MP3 Sound System 300 that includes a compact and useful design, offering features described above as 14W (RMS) real sound power.

Next step we can find Energy MP3 Sound System 400, sound system 2.1 that includes an amazing sound response thanks to its 40W Real Power and its EQ bass and treble control. They are available in different colours, Black&Red models, exclusive design, full of light and colour that will set trends.

In the highest part of the range we can find Energy MP3 Sound System 500 and 600 with 40W and 50W (RMS) real power respectively. They offer an amazing acoustic resonance with EQ modes: Normal, Jazz, Pop, Rock and Classic.

The youngest offered a high sound quality, but Energy MP3 Sound System 500 and 600 will leave you open-mouthed because sometimes… size does matters! As if this were not enough, you will be able to play different songs and control the device comfortably thanks to its included remote control.

Listen to your music like never before. Energy Sistem reinvents loudspeaker concept with this new family: Energy MP3 Sound System, four new sound systems that will change the music world.

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