Relax on your sofa, take your remote control and get ready to surf the Internet. The current TV concept is much wider than before. Nowadays, watching TV and connecting to the Internet go hand in hand. That is what happens when you want to improve comfort according to most popular activities related to technology. The point is that you will be able to enjoy all advantages offered by the Internet connection on your living room TV or wherever you want, it is very easy! If you have not tried yet, at Energy Sistem we encourage you .

You have just to get a media center that will turn your TV –through its HDMI connection– into the best way to have access to your social networks, radio, TV, websites and all your favourite media contents.

If you are not a user, for sure, at least you have heard talking about something related to Android. Or maybe not, but it is not an alien, it is most successful operating system included in the majority of portable devices in the whole world. Smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and now we also include multimedia centers with Internet connection.

If you want to be connected, now you have the opportunity to do so from your sofa with the remote control, what is more, this device takes up less space but it displays your multimedia content on your TV everywhere.

Enjoying the Internet does not cause back pain but moments of fun and comfort. Here we have our Energy Android  TV.

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