Sometimes people forget talking about America as a whole continent with a huge surface just exceeded by Asia with a population close to 1000 million people. In fact, when talking about this giant we are forced to distinguish between three big regions: North America, South America and Central America.

Today we are going to focus on Central America, the smallest zone of the whole continent but that in last few years is showing a great economic growth and stability. But nowadays this region has grown considerably and it is impossible to be compared with its big sisters, regarding population, size and production, because it is one of the most dynamic areas in commercial distribution. Without doubt, some structures such as Panama Canal have also helped to develop this region, this is translated into different free zones and free-trade areas scattered around the Canal.

In this way, thanks to the effort of our importers, some countries such as Costa Rica or Panama, for example, have become important markets for Energy Sistem where our products are distributed successfully and where they have a great acceptance. What is more, the consumer recognizes the effort made by one of most fast-growing zones in Latin America. This is a further proof of the importance of the whole American continent for Energy Sistem.

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