There are more than 600.000 official applications developed for Android that you will be able to download in Google Play (official website) and in other different online platforms for free. With this amount of applications it is quite difficult to choose one; that is why here we introduce a ranking of 10 Top Apps Android 2012, inviting you to participate in the debate and to give us your opinion.

  1. Google Maps

It is one of best applications of maps with different functionalities, offering business search, traffic information, indoor premises, transport information, etc. And if that was not enough, Google Maps includes Google Navigation, a totally free GPS browser with voice indications.

  1. Skype

With Skype for Android you will able to make video-calls with your friends from any other place around the world through 3G or WIFI connection. Communication without limits has never been that easy!

  3.  Shazam

Shazam is an application to identify every kind of song played in this moment, find out more information about the author, the name of the song and the album.

  1. Google Translator

Google Translation update has several advantages, not only translates over 64 different languages, but also can recognize text images or a photo taken with your camera and translate it into different languages. Translations are quickly made and allow you the possibility to pronounce the word or sentence in different languages.

  1. Pocket

Pocket synchronises saved articles, videos and much more things from web and turn it possible to view in offline mode. Start enjoying all your media content!

  1. Youtube

Most popular media platform in the whole world to play and share online videos. Besides, with last update app for Android you will have the possibility to create and edit playlists, as downloading videos and editing its main features.

  1. Google play Books

With this app you can read your favourite books whenever and wherever you want. Therefore, they put on your disposal a wide range of books, last launches included. Besides customize your reading mode and bookmark last page. Faster, easy and makes reading available to everyone.

  1. Airdroid

With Airdroid we will be able to control our device wirelessly from our PC. We will be able to send files, write SMS, install apps, see photos, change tones, watch videos, record the screen, camera catches, etc.

  1. Angry Birds

It couldn’t be out of the ranking one of the most popular and addictive games nowadays. In this game we can throw birds to pig’s houses, destroying them with as less shots as possible, using the touch screen of the device.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is an app easy to use that will make you keep organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote elevates note-taking to another level. It offers up a whole load of advanced features. You can use it to quickly take voice, text and image notes that the software will then index so you can easily through them later.

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