One of the main disadvantages we are facing every day is the battery life of our portable devices. How many times has your battery dead when you needed it most? In Energy Sistem we give you the solution to this problem: the new Energy Extra Battery 5200.

This rechargeable lithium polymer battery with 5200mAh capacity is perfect to carry it on your travels, charging the battery of all your different devices. Thanks to its 8 interchangeable connectors, you will be able to charge your Smartphone, tablet or media player, besides, from your GPS, digital camera or portable console without the need of additional devices.

Created to improve reliability and efficiency in all your charges, Energy Extra Battery 5200 include Intelligent Protection System against overloads, voltage spikes and short circuits. Moreover, it will allow you to charge at the same time the Energy Extra Battery and your portable device, controlling at the same time the battery charge level with a LED indicator.

From now on, stop being obsessed by the battery! Energy Extra Battery 5200 will give you extra hours of connection, music, conversation and images with no worries! Besides, it allows you to keep almost the 95% of charge during more than 30 days and to save battery with the Auto-Off function, detecting there are no devices connected.

Thanks to its compact and ultra-light design (just 140 gr and13 mm) you will be able to carry it in your bag or jacket and keep it at hand. The new Energy Extra Battery 52000 is the perfect accessory for those that really want to enjoy every possible connection.

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