Last 17th May we have celebrated with you the Internet day with a special promotion and here we have the names of the winners. If you have participated, check if your name is among the winners.

For each order in our online store, we drew one each hour! 24 are the lucky ones that are going to enjoy of a free order*

Here we have the winners:

Carlos Maza Gallego (Spain)

Hugo Pereira (Portugal)

Raul Ortuño Rodriguez (Spain)

Miguel Alarcón Bernabeu (Spain)

Jose Miguel Gomez Llarena (Spain)

Raúl Ripoll Llorens (Spain)

Sergio Montoro Tierraseca (Spain)

Itziar Olaizola Zuazo (Spain)

Noelia Muela Romero (Spain)

David Ferrer (Spain)

Ivan Bonet (Spain)

Paloma Lodares González (Spain)

Pablo Vicente García (Spain)

Carlos Cortiñas Mosquera (Spain)

Manuel Millán Ayala (Spain)

Blanca Marin Font (Spain)

Francisco Labeaga Pérez (Spain)

Antonio Rodríguez Cora (Spain)

Miguel Angel Llancaman Paillal (Chili)

María Catalina Puelles Tabira (Spain)

Joseba de las Heras Pérez (Spain)

Joan Figuerola Sanahuja (Spain)

Sergio Martínez Jiménez (Spain)

Álvaro Campayo Moreno (Spain)

Congratulations to everyone!

In your Club Energy account you will have the energies according to your purchase, in order to exchange them by your favourite products.

If you still do not belong to the Club and you’d like to enjoy next promotions, what are you waiting for? You have just to get register in the Club Energy by clicking here.


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