Are you one of those that think paper is over? Do you like reading and listening to the music at the same time? If yes, participate in this prize draw because, for sure, you are going to love it !

This week we will offer you an amazing Energy Color eReader c4 Touch Metallic Blue, in order to enjoy all the best media content (books, music, comics, photos and videos) in full colour wherever you go.

Includes 4GB internal memory up to 32GB with microSD cards, HD videos without conversion, a long-term and rechargeable Ion-battery.

With this Energy Color Book you will be able to enjoy thousands of songs, more than 2700 eBooks, up to 8 hours of video. All that with a 4.3” TFT touch screen in widescreen. Moreover, if you are expert on reading, it will offer you most advanced functions such as zoom, bookmarks or favourites.

If you want this Energy Color eReader C4 Touch Metallic Blue, click here and enjoy reading!

Finally, from Energy Sistem we would like to congratulate both winners of an amazing Energy Wireless BT5 Dark Iron. Incredible Bluetooth headphones to enjoy all your music wirelessly.





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