We are glad to announce the didactic use of our Energy Tablet x10 is being given at the library of the University of Aleksander Xhuvani, Albania, where the prime minister, Sali Berisha, has tested the effectiveness of this new product .

In the city of Elbasan, 30km from Tirana, eight Energy x10 tablets have been set up to be used by the students, this number will soon grow to sixteen. The students of this university will be able to enjoy all sorts of media contents such as the Oxford LiveJournal, send emails and look for useful information related to the university. The Prime Minister was pictured reading an online newspaper on an Energy Tablet x10.

The setting up was carried out by our partner LeFutur, a firm that besides undertaking public sector projects, also sells and distributes Energy Sistem´s products to the general public through its great shop in Tirana.”


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