391752.jpgFind out a new way to surf the Internet, enjoying the best series and films, sharing your opinions on social networks, downloading thousands of applications and enjoying the most successful games. Everything in high definition thanks to the new Energy Android TV Dongle.

A mini PC with Android 4.0 and Wifi b/g/n that can be connected to the HDMI out port of your TV, enjoy this amazing Full HD (1080p) multimedia centre with Internet connection that does not add bulk.

Moreover, it also has a high versatility and usability thanks to its small size; that is why; it is very easy to carry it with you wherever you go.

It also includes ARM Cortex A9 processor, offering a high performance and low energy consumption, ensuring environmental sustainability.

It has 4GB internal memory to store all your favourite apps, up to 12 hours of video, photos and music. What is more, its high speed Wi-Fi connection allow you to access directly to all files stored in “the cloud” or in your computer without taking place in the device.

If you prefer sharing, Energy Android TV Dongle also includes eshare app in order to play all media files stored in your Tablet or Smartphone directly from your TV wirelessly. Although this device includes a handy control remote, you can also be able to use your own mobile phone without leaving the couch.

As if that were not enough, it also includes USB port in order to connect your keyboard, mouse or external hard disk drive, increasing its capacity. In this way, you will have a computer in your living room TV.

Compact and ultra-lightweight: take it everywhere you go and enjoy Android 4 and Internet connection from any TV! Visit our website and transform your TV into an intelligent device at an affordable price.

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