mp5DJDo you remember the first players? They have nothing to do with the new ones and the fact is that each time we are more selective when deciding a new device that will meet our needs. Besides listening to the music, you will be able to play videos, watch all your pictures, or even, have a headset that matches with your player, offering the best sound and a simple and customized navigation.

In Energy Sistem we are aware of this; therefore, here you have a new range of MP5 players with 2’4” LCD screen with an amazing design, power and portability. Besides a compact size with just 10mm and 40 grams, they also include rechargeable lithium battery and micro SD expandable cards, up to 32GB, so that this summer you will be able to take all your music with you wherever you go.

If you are one of those who prefer a DJ style, here you have 4GB and 8GB Energy MP5 DJ models, which are available in our favourite colours: Ruby Red and Dark Iron. They include, besides a neoprene case, close and stereo high-fidelity DJ headphones which are adjustable, improving surrounding sound system.

Otherwise, if you prefer urban style, walking around the city; here you have the new in-ear Hi-Fi Energy MP5 Urban 4 GB Sky Blue with a carrying case on the same colour.

Moreover, besides playing music and video in the most common formats without conversion, you will have digital voice recorder with microphone included and useful applications such as calculator, calendar and chronometer.

Whatever your style is, if you love music, choose the most suitable player for you, the one that suits your needs and get the best sound!

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