Energy Sistem continues its expansion throughout the foreign markets in an effort to make its products well know around the World. This time, we have customized 6 of our top displays in the points of sale, showing our Energy tablet i8 Dual and adapting the communication to the Greek language.

With the support of our partner Grivaki E., we have managed to include our displays in 6 pilot stores of the Hellenic country. The first selected retailer has been Seven Spots (with 80 stores all over Greece), a unique retailer that offers a wide range of services (from video & game rental) as well as the “ecosystem” around new technology products & accessories, selling the most innovative electronic products with exceptional design. The successful placement and sales results of several Energy Sistem accessories, assured us that this is the perfect place to show the advantages of our Energy Tablet i8 Dual.

Now, you have one more excuse to spend some days in Greece this summer!

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