Aplicaciones para leer noticias en el móvil o tablet

Tablets and Smartphones not only keep us in touch with our friends, but also allow direct access to our email, networks’ updates, games and photos. We can even know what happens every time.

Now that summer time has arrived, we use to forget all kind of mass media which is almost halved. Reading the news on our portable device has become a diurnal or nocturnal habit (always depending on the reader).

The truth is that there are many ways to do it and we recommend you five of them which are at the forefront wherever you are, as long as you have an Android device.

Google Currents

It is a free app that delivers magazine-like editions to our tablet and Smartphone with a single finger swipe. Quickly we can find articles, computer graphics and videos without Internet connexion. Moreover, when we open this reader for the first time we can set, by default, a range of feeds from different mass media and public forums of Google+ profiles.


This is one of the most known apps at the new RSS system that includes new recruits since Google Reader announced its closure on the 1st July this year. It is due to the service’s effectiveness as well as to the possible migration from Google Reader without any difficulties.


This is one of the most elegant and visual options to have access to different sources of information and news. It is very simple to add single URLs and we can even import our RRS from Google Reader. Besides Feedly, this is one of the main apps to be kept up-to-date.


It could be considered as a digital magazine that selects the news depending on the themes we choose.

Something that we should highlight is that we can share contents through our social networks or even send them to an app called Pocket that allows saving the article and reading it later if we don’t have time when we see it for the first time.


It is the most famous application in the Play Store because it shows the contents depending on our likes and interests without configuring the news. Its interface is very visual and, when reading, we feel like if we were reading a paper magazine, especially when we do it on bigger displays (like those of our Energy Tablets).

And… what app would you use to read the news on your mobile phone or tablet? Is there any app you would like to add to this list? Would you share it with us?

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