Las 5 aplicaciones imprescindibles para ir de vacaciones este verano

The countdown starts now and we are counting the days left to go on holiday.

Some fortunate people are already enjoying them and others just have to wait a little bit more… But something is clear; everyone wants to enjoy summer, sun hours and friends’ company.

We recommend you 5 essential apps in order to make full use of your smartphone or tablet, so you can plan and enjoy your holidays without last minute unexpected events. Your trip will be an exit for sure!

City Maps: Alternative app to Google Maps that is very useful when we don’t have access neither to 3G nor to Wi-Fi. It uses your smartphone GPS with offline maps (countries/cities) and Wikipedia worldwide travel guides. Now you can visit Tokyo as well as New York just by clicking on your device. Perfect to travel not only abroad but also inside your country.

Wifi Finder: An indispensable app that definitely your smartphone or tablet needs. It could save you more than once because it finds free Wi-Fi access points close to you.

 Skype: Known by everybody and all over the world. Use this app to keep in touch with your family and friends because abroad calls are still too expensive.

 WeatherSignal: It lets you monitor all the sensors on your device, turning your phone into a tricorder, or mobile science kit. This app uses various smartphone sensors to record and share local atmospheric readings, while showing you key data.

 Lively: It scans music blogs around the world for new tunes. This promises new tracks every 10 minutes and the ability to follow other users and specific artists to stay updated.

 Which one would be the most useful for you during the holidays?

 Footnote: Most of these apps only work in a device containing GPS.

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