Cena surfera Equipo Energy Sistem

Waves, surf, Hawaiian flowers and live music at the beach. All these factors were essential during the summer dinner of the Energy team.

We have enjoyed an unforgettable night, welcoming the good weather, surrounded by all colleagues at work, who were eager to show the most “surfer” side. We moved for a few hours to a beach party with loads of laughs, presents, emotions and –of course- a lot of fun. We have even had Californian blondes, sharks and even a Viking!

We had a lot of surprises… As for example, we started the night dancing to the rhythm of the drums! We had our own radio program called Energy Radio Surf, each of us could dedicate songs and, at the end, we were surprised by the musical talent of some of our colleagues.

A night plenty of good moments that we want to share with you all; because, we are Energy!

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