AquaticAugust is already here as well as the hottest summer days. So you can cool off to the rhythm of your favourite songs, Energy Sistem presents a new MP3 player you cannot miss.

We are talking about the new colourful, aquatic player. Dive 3 metres deep during 3 hours, totally waterproof, which are able to store and play audio files while you are in the water. Two versions available: pink and blue, these two devices bring you aquatic leisure moments without giving up the music you love the most.

Now, you can dive, swim or surf the waves for hours and hours even with soundtrack, all this is possible thanks to the new Energy MP3 Aquatic 2. 4 GB internal memory to store up to 2,000 songs and enjoy 130 hours of music, it doesn’t matter what kind of sport you like to play.

With an attractive and light design (just 20 grams) you can listen to all your songs while playing your favourite water sport without noticing that you are taking it with you. Its simple and intuitive interface with just the essential buttons allows an easy management of the device.

They play songs in the most popular audio formats and have USB connexion to transfer high-speed data, besides a 180 mAh lithium battery with charge indicator.

Among their complements, we can find hi-fi, adjustable, hydrodynamic and totally waterproof in-ear headphones with extendable cable that offer greater comfort when playing any sport.

Moreover, they include a 40 cm neoprene armband that can be adjusted to your arm’s diameter and a useful 360º rotatory clip to hook your Energy MP3 Aquatic wherever you want.

All these characteristics turn the new Energy MP3 Aquatic 2 Fuchsia Red and Deep Blue into the perfect company to enjoy your summer days at the beach or swimming pool. Enjoy your favourite songs under the water!


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