Tecnología NFC

It is a fact: NFC technology has arrived to our lives to stay. But, do you really know what the acronym NFC means? In English, NFC is the abbreviation for Near Field Communications.

It is one communication protocol that is being lately introduced to technological devices. Energy Sistem didn’t want to miss its appointment with the latest trends and has already started adding this technology to its range of Energy Wireless BT7 headphones.

This communication and synchronisation system for wireless devices allows the connection of tablets, smartphones, headphones, speakers, etc. to enjoy and play your songs with just a simple touch.

The only requirement is the proximity of the devices. The communication is secure due to the short-range transmission and it is much more comfortable and efficient.

What is its bigger virtue? You can save time and effort connecting both devices and also obtain an efficient communication because its speed is almost instantaneous.

Are you one of those who think that kind of technology isn’t going to be part of your life? Or, on the other hand, do you think it is a matter of time until all brands add this technology to their devices?


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