qué tipo de viajero eres

Are you lazy, stressed or individualist? What kind of traveller are you?

The weekend is almost here and most of you are already on holidays! Energy Sistem suggest you to discover which traveller profile you are, because there are almost as many traveller profiles as people in the world. But the thing is that seems very difficult to choose just one of them because there are so many characteristics that would fit with our personality!

– The intellectuals: Wherever they go, they look for culture, gastronomy or learning languages.

– The lazy ones: They choose familiar and well-known destinations in order not to leave their comfort zone.

– The individualist: Like the name says, they like to travel on their own.

– The adventurer: Intrepid tourists that look for adventures more than holidays, they don’t care spending a little bit more and always change the destination.

– The stressed: They are stressed even on holidays and going on holiday with them is a nightmare.

– The reveller: Their holidays destination is based on the number of festivals and nightclubs they visit. Their favourite destination? Ibiza…

What kind of traveller profile do you think that fits best with your personality?

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