Oportunidad de conseguir un Energy Smart Tv Box de Energy Sistem

We know that you like to share each moment with your friends, surf on your favourite websites, enjoy the best online series and films, download thousand of apps and have fun with the most successful games.

And if you also want to save money, we offer you a unique chance: go into our Online Store and visit the section Refurbished Products. Maybe you don’t know it yet but, there, you can find the chance you were waiting for: one of our bargains, products in perfect conditions and with incredible prices.

This month, one of the most outstanding products that you can find is the Energy Android TV Box, a device that turns your TV into a multimedia centre with internet access through Wi-Fi-n connection.

We have limited units of all products in this section, coming from fairs and trade shows, and they have the same guarantee as a new product (36 months).

If you were already thinking about getting some of these products, congrats! This is your chance. Don’t think about it too much, the first to choose is the one who gets them! Maybe, there won’t be next time…

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