Sorteo Energy Mobile DVD D9 Wireless Game

Some people like back to school more than others do. Coming back to the routine affect us all, children and adults, but there are many ways to face it.

In Energy Sistem we do our best that is why we are giving prizes. We present a new week draw that, for sure, you are going to love, both children and adults. Two Energy Mobile DVD D9 Wireless Game of 9” with rotary screen that, besides playing movies, has more than 80 amazing games related with sport, adventures, strategy, music, puzzles, races…

To enjoy them, this device has an ergonomic, wireless and kinetic remote control with motion sensor that offers a more real game experience.

You will be able to use the Energy Mobile DVD D9 Wireless Game at home and in the car, turning each journey into an adventure. Never September brought so many surprises.

What are you waiting for? Click here and one of these two Energy Mobile DVD D9 Wireless Game can be yours.

But, who is going to start September incredibly good are the winners of these two Energy Color eReader C4 + Touch Titanium Red.

Juan Antonio Jiménez Gallego (Spain)

Lorena Martín Hernández (Spain)

Congrats guys! Enjoy your new Energy eReader!


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