Energy Sistem patrocina los deportes

Experts assure that playing sport in the morning and having fun in the evening bring great benefits to everyone’s health.

That’s why we started in August a range of simultaneous ads in the morning and in the evening on LaSexta and Neox, two Spanish channels related with our target audience. Our 10” spot, based on the Energy Tablet family, is shown during the advertising blocks of wildly popular TV series (The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men) and programs (La Sexta Noticias and Next).

The good results that the August campaign has encourage us to go on and to bet on series and programs in September.

Moreover, we extend our sports section sponsorship during the morning news on Antena 3 as well as on Tele5 with the Energy Tablets, something that cheers us up to wake up with lots of energy.

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