Did you know that Gmail has introduced some inbox changes and it is possible that all received messages are automatically classified in five categories:

-Main: This tab collects all emails exchanged with your friends, family and main contacts.

-Social: Here you will receive notifications from social networks or people sending messages to an amount of contacts.

-Promotions: In this caterory are emails related to purchases and recent transactions (bills, payments or similar).

-Forums: all conversations from forums, group conversations or mailing lists.

Probably, you will have all your messages with orders, draws, promotions, product launches information which are stored in promotions category and you may not realize they are in this category. If you want to receive all our messages in your main inbox:

1) Set up your account.


2) Click on set inbox option.


3) Choose the tab you want to deactivate.


If you choose promotions tab, all our emails will be redirected to the main tab.

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