Have you not yet sent your letter to the Three Kings? They are about to finish their journey from the Middle-East and this year they come loaded with gifts so you can enjoy your free time with your family and friends .

If you need some ideas, in Energy Sistem we want to help you to choose the most special gifts. In order to make your job easier, we give you 200 Energies to exchange them in your order if you include one of the selected products marked with the promotion label in our online store.

Here we leave you some suggestions so your loved ones receive what they really wish:

Energy Tablet i8 Dual 16 GB Silver Metal

Light and powerful. If your sister loves watching movies and series with the best image and sound quality, this is her ideal gift. The Energy Tablet is the lightest of the range and its LCD 8″ display is perfect to read and play HD media content.

Energy eReader e4 Mini.

The perfect companion. If your mother devours books wherever she goes, this pocket eReader is the ideal companion to take with you everywhere. Its antiglare system allows you to read your favourite books easily and with no glare, even in bright sunlight and from different viewing angles.

Energy MP3 Sound System 550 Bluetooth

The best wireless sound. If your brother loves music, he will enjoy his favourite songs without ties with this wireless Bluetooth® 2.1 audio system.

Energy Bike MP3 Music Box Black&Silver

Music for your bike rides. If your father is a sportsman and loves listening to music wherever he goes, this player with integrated FM radio tuner is the ideal companion for his rides.

Energy Android TV Dongle

Great fun in a compact size. A gift for the whole family or to enjoy any media content with your friends in a compact size so you can take it with you wherever you go. You can turn any TV into an Android TV and download thousands of applications and games.

And there is more. Find out here the complete gift selection we have prepared in our online store so you and your loved ones enjoy the best gifts.

* This promotion is valid from December 26th until January 6 th in Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, Paraguay, Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic.

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