Batería portátil de Energy SistemIf you like to be always connected to the Internet and you run down the battery of your device before the day ends, get this new Energy Extra Battery 2200. A 2200mAh pre-charged portable battery ideal to provide your smartphone with some extra energy so it can keep up with you.

It is ultra light and compact, with a convenient key ring so you can take it everywhere with you. Thanks to its lightweight, only 70g, and small size, this extra battery will be the best companion that will charge your devices during your travels.

It includes three interchangeable connectors to charge your smartphone, including iPhone, MP3/4/5, GPS, eReader, digital camera or portable console, among other devices, wherever you are.

Besides prolonging the life of your device’s battery, it includes an intelligent protection system against overcharging and voltage spikes, as well as a LED display that turns red while the battery is being charged and blue when it is fully charged.

This new Energy Extra Battery 2200 will give your devices a full colour boost of energy. Available in four different colours: blue, fuchsia, black and white, that will match your smartphone. See all the features here.

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