In Energy Sistem, we want you to start the year the best way possible. Therefore, we suggest you 5 apps to keep your Energy Tablet updated so you can get the most of your tablet in 2014.


With so many restaurants lining the streets of our capital, it can sometimes be a tricky task in deciding where you are going to eat tonight. Pizza or Indian? Burgers or Mexican? The choices are almost endless. Ruffl hopes to end this pain by suggesting great places to eat nearby. Once you have chosen, it will give you all the info you need to get there. What could be simpler than that?

Your Wealth

Manage your money with ease, thanks to access to the latest tech and a whole load of features to make sure you have enough money left come the end of the month. Money Hub technology lets you gain a clear understanding of your financial situation, track your net worth, see a live view of all your current accounts and, best of all, set reachable monetary targets, tracking there progress all the way.


Duolingo is a free tool that helps you learn a new language, as well as improving your current skills. There are no subscriptions, no pestering ads and no hidden fees. As the app is always being updated, there are constantly new challenges and languages to learn and master.


One of the most useful apps you will download for your phone, this will help you say goodbye to answering the phone from cold callers. By searching the web, the clever phone book identifies the incoming calls and matches the number, giving you full information about the person on the other end of the line. This feature is so useful, Google decided to build something similar into its latest Android 4.4 update.

Price of Persia Shadow & Flame

Relive the classic PC side-scrolling adventure, with updated graphics and redesigned controls. There are 14 levels and five separate environments to guide the prince through, making this perfect for livening up those dull commutes,

We hope you like and enjoy these 5 apps. Which one do you think will be successful in 2014? Share your opinion with us!

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