Telegram is a new application that is making a big impact. We have all heard or read about it on our social networks inviting us to download it. The number of users is growing at a furious pace, around 200.000 a day. But, what makes Telegram so special?

Unlike Whatsapp, Telegram can be installed on Tablets, so you will be able to enjoy this app on any of your Energy Tablets. You only have to link your phone number and Telegram will be ready to send and receive messages. You can even use it with your computer.

Another incredible feature is that Telegram messages can self-destruct. Have you ever sent a picture and then regretted it? With Telegram, you can set a timer to self-destruct the messages and pictures you send. After that time, they will disappear from the mobile phone you sent them to. Yes, like inspector Gadget’s messages.

In addition, you can send any type of file up to 1GB with this app. You can even send movies.

With Telegram, you can create group chats with up to 200 people.

Telegram focus on security to make a difference from the rest of messaging applications. According to its founders, nobody can break Telegram. They have even offered a reward of 200.000 dollars to the hacker who breaks the application.

Telegram is making a great impact. What do you think about it? Will you give it a try? Or will you continue using the same messaging app?


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