Do you take your time when choosing a password or unlock pattern or do you choose a common password?

The security of your network profiles and devices is something that you should take seriously. Choosing a good password or unlock pattern for your Energy Tablet can save you a lot of trouble.

From Energy Sistem, we would like to give you some tips for choosing a safe password.

1.- Avoid birth dates, names of relatives, phone numbers… these are very common passwords since they are easy to remember, but they are also easy to guess.

2.- Use a different password for each account. Try not to use the same password for everything, because if someone guesses your password, they would have access to all your profiles.

3.- Change your password from time to time. Someone may be accessing your accounts without your knowledge

4.- Create passwords with letters, numbers and symbols. These are the safest passwords since they are almost impossible to guess.

Although these tips may seem obvious, only a few users put them into practice. Would you like to know what the most common password is? Yes, it is the famous password: 123456.

Here is a list with the ten most common passwords. If yours is one of them, change it!

1. 123456

2. password

 3. 12345678

 4. qwerty

 5. abc123

 6. 123456789

 7. 111111

 8. 1234567

 9. iloveyou

 10. adobe123

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