Energy Sistem presents 3 sports cameras: Energy Sport Cam Play, Energy Sport Cam Extreme and Energy Sport Cam Pro which adapt to any kind of person and sport to experience and share the most extreme emotions. These cameras offer HD recording and waterproof cases in different colours so your adventure never ends, even underwater.

If you like mountain-biking, the Energy Sport Cam Play is what you are looking for. A camera to record all your adventures in high resolution and even take it underwater up to 5m with its waterproof case. Get a panoramic view with the wide-angle lens and capture all your movements to remember them on your TV thanks to the HDMI connection.

If you love extreme sports, the Energy Sport Cam Extreme is perfect for you. Wit its 162º ultra-wide angle, you can get full-detail images of all your sports experiences, even diving since this camera can be submerged up to 60m depth. In addition, the Energy Sport Cam Extreme includes a complete accessory pack, a wrist remote control can also be added to the pack, to enjoy your experiences without missing any detail.

The Energy Sport Cam Pro is the most professional camera of this product range. You can record the most amazing videos with it and share them with your friends in real time thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connection to connect your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, it has a free app available for iOS and Android. You can also control your Energy Sport Cam Pro with its wrist remote control included in the complete accessory pack so you can focus on your sports experiences and forget about everything else. And if you like photography, you can use its advanced functions such as timer, burst and time-lapse.

Enter, choose one of these three Energy Sport Cam and start sharing your adventures with your friends so they can also witness your amazing experiences.

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