Distree Middle East

It is a fact that we live in an increasingly mobile world, but there are some emerging markets such as Middle East where the increase in use of technology during the last few years has been amazing .

Did you know that 3 out of 4 inhabitants in Middle East own a smartphone and more than half of them are thinking about getting a new one in less than a year? And that more than 50 million people access the Internet every day from their smartphone or tablet and this number is expected to reach more than 400 millions in 2015? The fact that more than 40% of the population in Middle East is under 20 years of age is a key factor to understand these numbers.

Dubai is an interesting example, since the city is planning to become a “smart city” where technology will be the inhabitants’ greatest ally and public services will be faster, smarter and more accessible.

At the end of May, the international trade fair Distree ME 2014 will take place in Abu Dhabi and Energy Sistem will be there to meet distributors and wholesalers, inform them about our latest innovations and make their lives easer with our products. Always with our characteristic boost of energy and optimism. See you in Middle East!

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