Carga Qi 610x208You’ve probably heard of our new Energy Smartphones. And maybe you’re wondering…Energy Pro Phone Qi? What does Qi mean?

Qi technology is an inductive charging standard that allows you to charge smartphones and other tech devices, without connecting them directly.

So, this new technology allows you to charge your Energy Phone Pro Qi without wires or strings. You only have to leave your smartphone on the plate and it’s done! Ready and prepared to follow you in your daily life.

Do I have to place my Energy Pro Phone Qi perfectly?

No, this is another advantage of Qi charge. There’s no need to worry about its correct placement. It’s enough by just being in contact with the plate any way.

So there you have! If you are one of those who do not like to be always surrounded by wires, you can start enjoying the Qi charge with your new Energy Phone Pro Qi.

Are you joining the Qi trend?

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