Energy Eraphones BT Sport de Energy SistemGreen for energy, pink for excitement and black for design… Energy Sistem combines sport and music in its new range of Bluetooth earphones: Energy Earphones BT Sport.

They are ultra lightresistant and very comfortable, the tough tangle-free fabric cable that allows you to move freely while you are training.

The Energy Earphones BT Sport incorporates soft, silicone ear-cushions that are available in three different sizes: S, M & L. They fit snugly and comfortably in your ear, providing you with great quality sound with the APTX technology. These in ear headphones with ear fix design, create a seal that isolates your music from your surroundings and will be fixed in your ear comfortably during your whole training session.

You can also pick up phone calls during your training sessions with its built-in microphone, and control your music play lists with the buttons included in the earphones. They are compatible with every Bluetooth device and operating system.

With the Bluetooth 4.0 you won’t need to charge them after every single use, and in case you run low on battery the earphones will beep, then you won’t stop listening to your music during your training.

You can also sync the earphones with two devices at the same time and move freely with its wide rage (up to 10 meters).

The Energy Earphones BT Sport are available in three different colours: pink, black and green and include a carrying case. These earphones are the best way to enjoy all of your music while practicing sport. More information at

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