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We all were in need of Google Maps to guide us on our holiday, looking for a museum, a metro station… but in the end, refused to activate the 3G function due to its high costs .

We, at Energy Sistem, want to share a little secret with you so you can access Google Maps anytime and without having to connect to the internet.

Just follow these easy steps:

First, download the map or maps of the locations you want. If you are planning visiting London, for example, type in the word “London” and wait for the map to appear on your smartphone’s or tablet’s display.

Once the map is downloaded, type “Ok Maps” – this way the map will remain in the cache memory and will be ready to use without internet connection.

This is an easy way to use Google Maps, but remember it also has its limitations – we won’t be able to receive none of the program’s indications, but it surely will help us on our holiday trip.

After 14 days, the map or maps you downloaded will be removed automatically from the device.

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