If you like spending all day long taking photos, talking with your friends on whatsapp and visiting different social networking websites… Here are some tricks that will help you get the most out of your battery:

1.- Adjust your Energy Phone’s settings

Your Energy Phone incorporates some options that allow you to control its battery consumption. Go to SETTINGS -> BATTERY and enable de the “Power saving mode” to control your smartphone’s energy consumption.

Another part of your Energy Phone you are able to adjust is its brightness level. Go to SETTINGS -> SCREEN -> BRIGHTNESS and select “Backlight Power Save Mode” and the brightness level will automatically adapt to the different lighting conditions.

2.- Close the apps that are not in use.

 Background apps also consume your smartphone’s battery. For this reason, do not forget to close the apps you are not using. How is it done? Hold the central button and all the running apps will be displayed on your Energy Phone Pro.

In addition, other apps such as Task Killer Zapper can help you to manage and close running apps. Just download it and the program will close all background apps.

3.- Disable unnecessary notifications and controls the Widgets.

 Widgets and animated wallpapers give a personal touch to our smartphone but they are intensive tasks. Only install what is necessary.

4.- Apps allow you to control its battery consumption.

In thePlay StoreYou will find several apps to help you improve your battery performance. JuiceDefender is one of them. Try it!

5.- Take care of your battery

Fully discharge your Energy Phone’s battery once a moth to calibrate it. However, you should not fully discharge it very often (under 5% of capacity).

Unplug the charging cable once the battery once it reaches 100%. If you extend the charging process, your smartphone’s battery will overload and lose effectiveness.

 But if even after following this tips your battery is unable to keep up with you. Get an Energy Extra Battery and keep on moving!

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