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We, at Energy Sistem, are proud to announce that our company has recently become a member of the renowned Leading Brands of Spain Forum. A partnership formed by the main institutions and the leading companies of Spain with international background.

Energy Sistem, as a part of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, is the only company within the sector of digital entertainment. An opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to technological innovation and increasing our international presence, while contributing to the international prestige of the brand.

The company, with a presence in over 60 countries worldwide, is undergoing a internationalization process. Our international team attends major consumer technology fairs at a worldwide level to catch the eye of even more customers and partners, not only for selling our products but also to help us to promote our brand each country.

The constant innovation and having an image that seeks to arouse emotions and become a part of the people’s everyday experiences, has allowed us to create our own personality as brand around the world.

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