Qué es el CLub Energy

Energies everywhere! You probably have seen the word “Energies” in numerous occasions when buying our products – but do you really know what they are and what they are for?

Energies are points you can save up and trade in when purchasing our products – but how do you exactly obtain tem? By simply joining our Energy Club you will get 300 Energies for free.

But that is not all; get 400 extra Energies by following us on Youtube, Google+, Facebook and the Energy forums. Registering your products will also give you Energies and activate their warranty. In addition, every price draw you participate in will give you even more Energies.

And what do you do with all your Energies? Well, just go to the “price draw” section to obtain all the information you need.

In case of buying our products at your local store, you will have to create and print a coupon – to do so, simply go to Price Draw – Energy Music Store – Create Coupon.

But if you prefer to purchase our products in our online shop, you won’t have to create and print a coupon; click on the basket to know how many Energies you have and decide how many of them you want to use.

It is Energy time!


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