Your smartphone’s processor or screen may not be as important to you as your contact list. What is a smartphone without contacts to call or send messages to?

That is why we want to show you how to transfer your contacts from your old iPhone to your new Energy Phone .

First steps:

Grab your iPhone and your new Energy Phone.

Remeber that you must have your iCloud account activated and synced with your iPhone. If your account is not activated, go to options -> iCloud. Enter your Apple ID and select the “Contacts” option.

Transfer contacts:

Once your device is synced with iCloud you will have to transfer your contacts to your new Energy Phone.

Just follow these easy steps:

1.- Type into your usual web browser.

2.- Go to “Contacts” and select those you want to transfer to your smartphone.

3.- Press the settings button and select “Export vCard”

Last step:

Once you have downloaded the file from the Web, sync it with your Google account.

1.- Access your Google account through

2.- Click on the “Import Contacts” option and search for the previously downloaded file from iCloud.

3.- Wait until your Energy Phone is synced.

Now you have all your contacts ready to go.


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