When it comes to buying a tablet or a smartphone, one of the most important features is the screen quality.

In recent years different technologies have appeared to satisfy this sector’s demands like, for example, the IPS technology.

But what exactly is an IPS screen?

An IPS screen is an LCD display that features a special liquid crystal capable of maintaining the image’s colours and brightness.

What are its advantages?

Stunning colours.

With the IPS technology images won’t lose brightness or contrast. Images take on a completely new level of realism; no image distortion, no chromatic aberration.

Wide viewing angle.

You will be able to watch the IPS screen in every position and you won’t have to worry about being in front of the screen to enjoy its amazing quality.

Battery saving mode.

The IPS screens are optimized to not consume too much of your device’s battery. The high frequency LED technology will help save battery power.

More resistance

Apart of its image quality, the IPS screen stands out for its robustness and resistance: Take it with you without having to worry about anything but enjoying your device.

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