We are pretty confident that you would love to have this product at home, because not every day you get the chance of winning an amazing Energy Android TV Dongle Dual. You do not know what it is? Imagine being able to turn your TV into an Android PC. And what do you think about it being the size of a pen drive? Unbelieveable, is it not?

View all content directly from your smartphone or tablet on your TV with its Bluetooth 4.0 connection, enjoy an endless world of apps and with its Dual Core processor you will be able to play games without experiencing any lag, surf the net via Wi -Fi, access all your social networking webtsites, share all your files with its streaming media app and enjoy Full HD with this powerful product that has so much to offer.

Share your best moments at home with your friends and family or live the ultimate TV experience. However, do not hesitate and enter the prize draw by clicking here.

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