Because we want you to get the most out of your products, we will show you in this post how to update your Energy Sport Cam Pro and Extreme’s firmware.

Just follow these simple steps:

1.- Insert a MicroSD card into your Energy Sport Cam Pro and Extreme. We recommend to use a class 6 card or higher MicroSD.

2.- Once the MicroSD card is inserted go to your Energy Sport Cam’s setup menu and select the format option. You can also use your personal computer with a compatible card reader and format your MicroSD card to FAT32.

3.- After formatting the MicroSD card, create a folder called “System” in its root directory. In order to create the folder you must use the formatted MicroSD on your PC.


4.- Copy the file *.fw into the “System” folder. You can download this file from the product’s website.


5.- Once the file is inside its folder, extract the card safely.

6.- Insert the MicroSD into your Sport Cam and turn it on. Don’t forget to turn your Sport Cam off before introducing the MicroSD card. Important: The Sport Cam’s battery charge has to be at least at 80% when updating the firmware.

Once this process is done the update will start automatically.

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