Energy Music Boz Bz3 y Z3Energy introduces two new players that have just joined the audio series. The Energy Music Box BZ3 and Z3, perfect for carrying your music with you and listen to your MP3/WAV songs.

Enjoy the freedom offered by the Energy Music Box BZ3 and express yourself without ties thanks to the Bluetooth technology, playing songs or answering your calls from your smartphone on your device. If you prefer the traditional playback, connect the Energy Music Box Z3 to your device through the Line-In.

Get all the information you need at a glance. The perfectly integrated display gives you all the information you need, such as playback mode, radio dial, track number and battery charge.

Let the musical notes flow through its stereo speaker and feel the rhythm spread around you.

The Energy Music Box BZ3 and the Z3 are two products to enjoy in company and if you still want more fun, expand their possibilities through the USB port and the SD/SDHC cards. Select from where to play; now your only concern is to enjoy your content.

Portability to take your music always with you in a very meticulous design to unleash your imagination. Choose the balance of black and blue on your Energy Music Box BZ3 or go for the Energy Music Box Z3 in two colors, pure white or black and red.

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