Los Energy Phone Pro se actualizan a Android 4.4 kitKat

Update your smartphone Energy Phone Pro and Pro Qi via OTA and enjoy all the new features it has to offer, like for example, the new event management system to improve the performance of your apps. The implementation of new techniques such as the zRAM and KSM manage the RAM memory in a more efficient way and avoid duplicate content.


New designed download and e-mail Apps with nested folders, contact photos, a better internet surfing experience, a payment system using NFC technology and an interface improvement.

Tres Uno

We present to you the latest news, 100% by Energy Sistem. Now you can enjoy all the new Energy Camera app improvements such as the double camera function to obtain two photos with a single shot, personalized frames by Energy System and the Beauty function to instantly edit your shots. A new design that allows you to access instantly all the new camera improvements, obtaining amazing results.

Energy Music also features some improvements such as a new, remarkable and practical design that allows you to choose separately the songs of your favourite artists and don’t lose control of your play lists. Energy Music is now more visual and easy to use than ever.


And for a better video experience, adjust the Energy Smart Pause function. This way the front camera will detect every time you stop looking at the screen and pause the video automatically.

A world full of plenty new features to get the most out of your Energy Phone Pro. What are you waiting for?

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