Today we have some good news for you: we have just released an update via OTA for your Energy Tablet Neo 9 and Energy Tablet Neo 10.

An update full of improvements, which will boost the performance of these two tablets.

And which are these improvements? Well, this update removed some compatibility issues that prevented some Google Play apps from installing properly.

The update also adds major improvements to your Energy Tablet Neo 9 and Neo 10 such as a better functionality and user interface. Expand your Energy Tablet experience!

The battery status has been added to the notification bar, and also the possibility to disable this option on the battery menu. The Android 4.4 bug has also been fixed, now you can view correctly the background image when turning the device.

Go ahead and update your Energy Tablet Neo 9 and Neo 10, and enjoy your Energy experience with these improvements that will transform your tablet in a much more powerful and functional device for your daily life.

If you want to learn more about these model’s features, check out the following specs. table.


See you soon!

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