In our eagerness to innovate and offer you cutting edge technology with each Energy product release, you may come across a lot terms that you are not familiar with.

At Energy we want to keep everything as simple and easy to understand as possible.

You may have heard off or read about “Glonass” in a product’s technical specifications section, but do you know what it is and

What it is used for?

It has happened to all of us: the tablet’s or smartphone’s GPS does not locate our position, either because we are in a city full of buildings or on the countryside… And there it is where “Glonass” comes in.

“Glonnas” and GPS are two different systems that work together in order to find a specific location, this way you will always find what you are looking for.

Why do we need two geolocation systems for?

Our table’s or smartphone’s GPS may not always be enough to find what we are looking for, and in some countries it is not possible to connect to the satellite network. That is why Energy Sistem came up with the idea of creating more efficient geolocation services combining them with “Glonass”, like we are already doing with the new Energy Tablet Neo 3G.

 Do you fancy to check them out and to tell us your experiences?

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