Everybody knows that music has many positive effects on human beings: it brings happiness, is good for your heart, reduces all kinds of anxiety and stress, motivates you while doing sport, improves your memory, slows down brain aging…

Each person identifies with one or several music genres because depending on the situation, we feel like listening to this or this other song.

Therefore, today we suggest a list of songs to hear in different situations. Would you like to help us to finish it?

Songs to listen to while you clean your home: we tend to prefer lively songs with a rhythm that goes along with our moves and is fun. We suggest the following:

Rihanna, We found love

Robin Thicke, Blurred Lines

Shakira, Hips don’t lie

Songs to start the day in a great mood: What could be better than a motivating song capable of filling up our energy levels and bringing out our best smile at that early time in the morning?

Natasha Bedingfield, Unwritten

Taylor Swift, Shake it off

Pharrel Williams, Happy

Songs to create an special atmosphere while having dinner at home: for these moments we choose melodic songs that make the evening more pleasant while talking and enjoying the moment.

Ella Fitzgerald, Begin the beguine

Joe Dassin, Champs Elysées

Yiruma, River flows in you

Songs to listen to while you get ready to go out: it is not easy to sing, dance and get dressed at the same time but if you do all this while listening to one of these songs, you will arrive to your appointment more motivated than ever.

ACDC, Highway to hell

Meghan Trainor, All about that bass

Raphael, Mi gran noche


And if you use a Energy Tower to listen to your favourite songs, what else can you ask for? Now’s your turn, help us complete the list! 😉


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