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With the aim of keeping your customers satisfied, we give you the following guidelines to process RMA effectively.


As the expert in Energy products that you are, you’ll certainly be able to identify correctly the technical failure of the device and write all details in your request. This information will allow the technician to carry out detailed tests on the product. You will be our guide.

1) Did you know that if the device doesn’t work properly in the first 15 days after the customer buys it, we will exchange it for a new one?

If you sell a product and our technician confirms you the technical failure, you will be able to give a new unit to the customer and to process the RMA of the damaged device by indicating that it was an item of the shop and a DOA (Defective on Arrival) in the comment box of the request form and attaching the sales receipt. There is a section for each of them.

2) Warranty. What can we do if a product has a technical failure? As the expert you are, you can make an attempt to resolve the failure in case it is a software failure. Sometimes there are some default settings that need to be changed or just require a firmware reinstallation. In the FAQs section of Support, you will find the most frequently asked questions and a guide to them. In case that the product has a hardware failure, we strongly ask not to try to repair the product because if the device is manipulated by third parties, the warranty loses its validity automatically.

3) Not in warranty product. My customer has broken the screen, how can I find a repair estimate? If your customer has broken the screen of his Energy Phone, you can give him an approximate repair estimate. You just need to leave your request in the support section of our website. The repair price is the end price for the customer. If the customer accepts it, you must make the request as a distributor and once we receive the damaged device, we will give you the final price according to your distributor’s fee. You will have a profit margin considering the customer’s price. Once the payment is made, we will proceed to repair it. If you need the invoice, you should only apply for it through the e-mail support.



You can request your RMA, either as warranty or repair, through our website of partners using your distributor’s passwords. Once the RMA request has been made, you will receive a copy of it. Please verify that you have received a copy because if you haven’t got any, it means that we haven’t received any request from you.

With the aim of ​​not overloading your storage space with packages, we will collect and send you the RMA free of charge if you’re in the Peninsula and if the products that you have in your storage space have a total value of more than 100 €. If, however, you do not want to store the damaged goods, you can send them to us and we’ll send them back to you once they are repaired.

Remember to fill out the request form completely, describing in detail the technical failures and attaching the sales receipt given to your client to verify the period of warranty. If you fulfill all these requirements the first time that you send the request, it won’t be necessary to make further information requests. Likewise, you will have an automatic import tool at your disposal that you can use to request the RMA of several damaged units at the same time. You will only have to fill out the template there and then upload it completely fulfilled.

Finally, those limited companies with several locations should contact their assigned sales representative in Energy Sistem to activate the option of a drop-down list with all their shops in order to select which shop makes the request.


 What stages are in the RMA procedure and in which of them am I?

You can check the status of your RMA any time by accessing “My RMA” section. In addition to the RMA assignment, you will also see its status.

  1. Waiting for Arrival. The RMA has been processed and we are waiting for the units to arrive at Energy Sistem Finestrat, Alicante.
  2. Received but not checked yet. The damaged units have arrived and are waiting to be checked to see if they have any technical failures and then, assign them to a technician. Estimated time to move to the next stage: 7 calendar days.
  3. Carrying out tests. A technician has the damaged units and is carrying out tests to repair them. Estimated time to move to the next stage: 7 calendar days.
  4. Sent. The process has been completed and the units have already been sent with a logistics company.


We want the process to be as fast as possible, so please try to avoid sending the same request or query several times so that we can work faster.

  1. Remember that the more information you provide through the application, the better it will be since it will save time and effort to our technicians, who won’t have to ask you for more information.
  2. Inform your customer about the real deadlines so that there are no surprises.
  3. These guidelines are addressed to customers in the Peninsula. For those customers outside the Peninsula, please consult your assigned sales representative in Energy Sistem.
  4. Please send us your query whenever you have doubts about your RMA so that our professionals are able to give you the right support and help.

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